Motorization is the present and future of window coverings. Just as Garage door openers and keyless entry are now standard luxuries, this modern technology allows users to experience a better quality of life by easily adjusting hard-to-reach window coverings, controlling light and glare, and reducing energy costs at the touch of a button.

It is no longer necessary to climb into the bathtub, reach over furniture, or use stepping stools to adjust shades and blinds.  Motorized window coverings allow effortless adjustments of these hard to reach and large or heavy shades and provide ease of use to the elderly and handicapped.  Additionally, motorized window treatments are a preventative measure for child safety in the home being free of cords and operational hazards.

Intuitive shades equipped with motorization technologies can automatically raise or lower during certain times of the day to help manage heat gain in summer months and heat loss during winter months which reduce monthly energy bills by maximizing energy savings.

Responsible Practices

At Vasa we are continually improving our initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. We are proud to take mindful environmental considerations throughout our facility and manufacturing process. From recycling post consumer waste products and fabrication materials to partnering with environmentally conscious partners, Vasa produces quality products with health, safety and environmental welfare in mind.